You Need

a website with attitude.

We Build

incredible micro-sites at incredible prices.


to punch things up a level?


ok – so what the heck is a cube?

Our AvidCubes (affectionately referred to as “cubes”) are meticulously packaged and pre-configured micro-sites that are loaded with features and none of the headaches associated with running your own website.

a dynamic marketing machine.

Cubes are mini marketing machines that you control. They can serve as front line landing pages from search engines or social media sites, as well as full blown websites to generate buzz about your business online.

no slow.

Yup. We hate slow. It’s a big time dislike for us .. and we suspect for you and your customers too. That’s why we make sure all our AvidCube sites are meticulously optimized and designed to deliver blazingly fast results. Every cube has our ultra fast caching engine installed and leverages an explosive CDN network so that ‘server calls’ are quick and incredibly responsive.

It’s how we roll. No excuses. Ever.

the 3 pillars

Fast, good and inexpensive? Normally we would say, “Nope, not possible. Pick two of the three (fast and inexpensive, but not good or fast and good, but not inexpensive)”.

But, with our AvidCube micro-sites, nirvana is a possibility.

Yup – maybe you can have it all.


professional grade.

Our cubes are designed with security in mind. They’re small, mighty and pretty much bullet-proof. All our cube websites come with SSL as standard and incorporate robust backup and anti hacking features to give you peace of mind.

You can sleep easy with an AvidCube micro-site. You can.


the cube advantage

What do I get with an AvidCube? Quite a lot actually. We’re happy you asked. First of all, we build, manage and host your Cube. That means you can sit back, build your business and bask in the knowledge that we have your web presence completely covered for you. (SSL, responsive design, incredible graphics, fast and secure hosting, backups – all of it.) Yup. AvidCube is a ‘turnkey‘ product. Check, check and check.

Here’s a quick overview of a few of the main Cube features:

Responsive Design

Your AvidCube micro-site will look great across desktop, tablet and mobile as it seamlessly adjusts to your users viewport. Nice!


Domain Included

Buy a “Red Cube” and we’ll work with you to select a domain name for your new Cube. We’ll register the new domain and set all the bits and bytes in place (including robust privacy protection). Easy.


SSL Encryption

All AvidCube micro-sites feature SSL, so your visitors will see the grey browser lock when visiting your site. You, your customers and Google will be happy. Now that’s confidence!



Each Cube features robust security tools to detect and circumvent intrusions and hacking attempts by those nasty Internet bad guys.


Basic SEO

To help potential customers find you, each Cube we create gets basic SEO (search engine optimization).


Daily Backups

We backup your entire Cube each and every night – so there’s no chance you’ll lose your data. Need to roll-back to a previous day? No problem, raise a support ticket and we’ll make it so.


ready to order your cube?

We have an incredible refund policy, so there's no risk for you. We spend our time fabricating and launching your Cube - after which, you have 5 days to decide if you love it or hate it. If you decide the Cube is not to your liking, we'll refund you the full amount. No questions asked and no risk to you. [Applies to Blue Cubes only]

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