viewing page stats

Now that your K-Referrals-Service is online, you’ll want to be able to check the page-view statistics for your personal landing page. It’s a simple two steps process.

Scan your QR code to access your page (or bookmark it for easy access).

1. Locate the tiny white dot located in the upper center of the footer bar.

2. Tap or click the dot (it’s actually a button) – the Page-Stats panel will slide up for viewing.

It’s all very “old-school”, but it works. You may notice that your page had a few views when you first got it. Those are from us, as we double check the pages before final hand-off to ensure all the data is correct.

Reminder: While we work hard to avoid mistakes, we take no responsibility for errors or omissions. It’s up to you to double/triple check that your Kinesis referral link is correct. (Let us know immediately, if you spot an error.)

Viewing Page Stats
Viewing Page Stats

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We’re AvidCube Studios. The AvidCube product line is just one of the cool things we’ve created. We build digital solutions that make life easier for businesses, both small and large.


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We hang our hats in YYC. Calgary. Home of the Calgary Stampede and the centre of all that is good in Canada. Yup – we’re Albertans and damned proud of it.

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We have an incredible refund policy, so there's no risk for you. We spend our time fabricating and launching your Cube - after which, you have 5 days to decide if you love it or hate it. If you decide the Cube is not to your liking, we'll refund you the full amount. No questions asked and no risk to you. [Applies to Blue Cubes only]

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